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Fund for Wildlife Research to Assist Wildlife Conservation

Novartis Animal Health in co-operation with the South African Veterinary Foundation launched the Novartis/SAVF Wildlife Research Fund in 2001. According to Dr Henk Basson, chairman of the SAVF at that stage, we cannot underestimate the role that South Africa's wildlife has to play in the economy, by attracting tourism and the creation of jobs. Any threat to wildlife becomes a threat to the heartbeat of the nation. Effective management of wildlife resources is a vital aspect of conservation in Southern Africa. Initiatives from the business sector are essential to help meet the needs of conservation concerns. The fund will thus be playing a key role in the future wildlife management. Approved research projects to help achieve this will be eligible for sponsorship by this research fund with projects supported focused primarily, but not exclusively, on veterinary issues. 

The concept of "animal health" in South Africa extends to include the wildlife that forms a part of the country's prime natural resources. Many wildlife species are under constant threat from poaching, drought and degradation of habitat and their only hope of continued survival is translocation to secure environments where, under the protection of recognised nature reserves or through breeding programmes, their future may be assured. 

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