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An estimated 80% of all the rhinos in Africa are found in South Africa. Alarmingly, 70% of this vitally important population occur  in tuberculosis-infected areas. There is no known cure or treatment and no means of controlling TB in wild populations.
Tuberculosis first infected buffalo herds and has reached epidemic proportions. The disease has already spilt over to lion, kudu, cheetah and baboons. It now threatens the last southern strongholds of the black and white rhinos of Africa and may wipe out these populations completely!
It is vitally important that infected and clean rhinos be separated in order to ensure the survival of the species. The crisis is that there is no scientific data on TB in wild rhino populations and there is no means of diagnosing TB in live rhinos. To save the species, research must be done urgently.
This sculpture by artist Alan Ainslie was specially approved by Dr Anthony Hall-Martin of the National Parks Board of South Africa. The limited (30 only) edition was commissioned by the South African Veterinary Foundation to urgently raise funds for the Rhino TB research. Price: US$ 5,000. One-hundred percent of the net income from this artwork will he paid into the Novartis/SAVF Wildlife Research Fund to finance this urgently needed research. Please act now and support us; there are only 25 bronzes remaining worldwide!

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