South Africa Veterinary Foundation

The South African Veterinary Foundation was founded in 1984 and is a non-profit, Article 21 company (fund raising number 022002390002). The foundation was established to raise money to promote a greater understanding of animals by means of research and an informed public.

Foundation Mandate

To promote and advance Veterinary and other Biological Sciences in all their aspects. This includes supporting veterinary research at all levels, to fund bursaries and loans for veterinary studies and to invest and administer various financial portfolios in order to promote the knowledge, image and status of the Veterinary and Paraveterinary Professions and practice within Southern Africa resulting in improved quality of life for animal and man.


South African Veterinary Association

Latest News 
2016 Bursary

Student bursaries 2017

The Foundation recently sponsored  students for the best BVSc IV student in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery and 30 BSAVA formulary books for the final year clinic students to assist them with their drug selection and dosages in the final year.  ..Read more


2015 Bursary

Ascendis Health and the SAVF donate books to final year veterinary students

In July 2017 Ascendis Health (formerly CiplaVet Animal Health), in association with the SA Veterinary Foundation, handed over 30 copies of the BSAVA Small Animal Formulary to some of the 163 final year clinic students on a lucky draw basis. ..Read more


New Projects 

Vets United against Rhino poaching.The last decade has seen a 4500% increase in the number of rhino poached in South Africa. The current rate of poaching brings the tipping point for the specie's survival closer every day. The Foundation is raising money to aid in researching rhino diseases and survival. By donating to the Rhino and Conservation Fund, you can make a difference to the future of this magnificent specie.

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